The Axiell WebAPI is a command library that can be used to interact with SQL Server Axiell Collections databases. Using this WebAPI you can easily build your own applications through one of the three available methods: Url requests, Adlib.Data Windows dll or jQuery plugin.

This website offers extensive documentation, including an overview of all WebAPI commands and many examples on how to use them. You will also find links to other relevant documentation, downloads of sample code, demos and resources.

Try the Axiell WebAPI now!

The following Url request is an example of a Boolean search to retrieve paintings by Bernadino Fungai or William Etty

http://test2.adlibsoft.com/api/wwwopac.ashx?database=collect.inf&search=(creator='Fungai, Bernadino' or creator='Etty, William') and object_name=painting&xmltype=grouped
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