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Adlib Office Connect released

At today's Dutch Adlib User Group event, AIS general manager Bert Degenhart Drenth officially released the Adlib Office Connect plugin. This very-easy-to-use and free plugin installs into Microsoft Office, allowing users to search Adlib databases on local or remote Adlib Office Connect (wwwopac.ashx) servers from within Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel and immediately copy selected data to the opened document.
Installation of the plugin only takes a few minutes, and a demo Adlib Office Connect server is at your disposal automatically to give this new tool a try. See the Adlib Office Connect download page on the general Adlib website for more information. Also available are some example XSLT stylesheets, an example adlibConnectPreferences.xml file and some HTML files for Help texts which you all need to extend your existing wwwopac.ashx server into an Adlib Office Connect server. See the manual on the download page for setup instructions.