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All field tags must now be present in the data dictionary

The Adlib API as used by the current version of wwwopac.ashx implements a strict policy concerning the definition of field tags: all tags used in records that you read or write using the API, must have been defined in the data dictionary (the Adlib .inf files): if you're not reading or writing entire records (any and all tags from the record), but limit the reading or writing to specific tags from records, then only those tags really need to have been defined. So when you’re about to start using the new version of wwwopac.ashx for your website, you may encounter errors because of this, since it is not uncommon in Adlib applications for tags to have been defined on the screen only or to have ended up in records via an import or adapl procedure. Axiell ALM has several tools in development (currently called ValidateDatabase and RemoveTagsFromData) which you can use to track down any undefined tags in your records (amongst other functionality), after which you can still define them in the relevant .inf to solve the issue. Ask our helpdesk for the status of these tools and the accompanying documentation.

See the Release notes section on the Documentation page for more information about new functionality introduced in recent versions of the API.