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The available WebAPI commands have been organised into the following six categories:

  • Search: AutoComplete, GetContent, GetDomains, GetMetaData, GetPointerfile, ListPointerfiles, Scan, Search, SearchPointerFiles.
  • Write: DeletePointerfile, DeleteRecord, InsertPointerfile, InsertRecord, UpdatePointerFile, UpdateRecord, Validate, ValidateRecord, WriteContent, WritePointerFile, WriteRecord.
  • Session: Login, Logout, EndSession, StartSession.
  • Lock: LockRecord, UnlockRecord.
  • Utilities: GetVersion, ListDatabases.
  • Select: DeSelectAll, DeSelectRecord, GetSelections, SelectAll, SelectRecord, ToggleAll.

Use the WebAPI browser on the left to search for documentation in these categories.

Command descriptions may have been split up over more than one tab, to exemplify its use with either URL requests, with Adlib.Data or jQuery. Arguments are listed per command: if a parameter has not been marked [optional], then the relevant parameter is mandatory.

All commands return XML (except getcontent) and all produced XML (even an error message or metadata) conforms to the Axiell AdlibXML schema definition: adlibXML.xsd

Note that some examples might not work correctly in Mozilla Firefox; Microsoft Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for this website. Examples might also not work because other write and/or delete queries may have changed the available data; as necessary, backups will be restored on a regular basis to present the data as it should be as much as possible.

Using Axiell Internet Server 6

Adlib databases can also be accessed by Axiell Internet Server, currently at version 6. AIS is a GUI layer on top of the WebAPI, allowing for a user-friendly way to search, view and process data.