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Click any of the links below to open an actual implementation of the Adlib API.

In each implementation you can search a Museum object database on whole words from the title or explicitly truncated on partial words from the title (using an * directly behind the partial word), for example: be*. Searching on object number or object category works the same way: either enter the whole number or term, or search explicitly truncated.
Click the Search button to start a search. Click Clear to start a new search. The Create new button allows you to create (a very simple) new record with just a title, an object number and an object category.
In a search result, click an object number to open that record in detailed display (even though this display contains only three fields here). In this display you can make changes to the record and save them. Clicking Delete will remove the record from the database.

Using the Adlib jQuery Plugin

Using the Adlib.Data dll

Using the Adlib Url Request