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Axiell Azure Blob Storage media plugin

The Axiell WebAPI image server configuration

From WebAPI version, an Axiell.AzureBlobStorage.Plugin.dll plugin for the Axiell WebAPI is available to allow the ingest and retrieval of images from a Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. As all other plugins it allows you or your Axiell system to use writecontent and getcontent calls to communicate with the storage-specific API via the Axiell WebAPI. An appropriate configuration in adlibweb.xml is all you need to set up the connection. For Azure Blob Storage you need a configuration similar to the following:

<!-- Image server settings -->
<imageServerConfiguration name="azure">
    <ImagePlugin type="Axiell.AzureBlobStorage.Plugin.AzureBlobStoragePlugin, Axiell.AzureBlobStorage.Plugin">
From Axiell Ingest, you can use this tool in combination with the WebAPI to ingest files into the Azure blob store. Simply pass the URL with the writecontent command as the destination folder. (Uploading to a URL with Ingest, rather then moving files to a folder was already in place, but some small changes for ingesting into Azure were made to Ingest still.) Example of such a URL in the Destination folder setting for an ingest source in the Ingest setup:{id}