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Axiell basic POST plugin

Basic POST plugin

To be able to POST basic requests to an ingest/storage service and return the response back to the caller, a new plugin is introduced. The plugin takes the request message from a specific configured field in a specific record from a specific configured database and will POST the raw contents to the URL configured for the plugin and relays the response back to the caller. In version of the WebAPI this proxy handler option has been added. The configuration in adlibweb.xml is like this:

 <proxyServerConfiguration name="myproxy">
    <ProxyPlugin type="Adlib.InternetService2.Proxy.GenericProxy">
      <token>some access token</token>

and can be called with a string formatted like:

...wwwopac.ashx?proxy=<proxy server definition>&value=<record priref>

The required settings in the configuration are:

  • database - the name of the database containing the records storing the payload value
  • field - the English field name or tag where the payload to be sent is stored
  • url - the end-point to POST the payload to
  • token - an access token
  • mimetype - the type of content (application/json or text/xml)

The proxy doesn’t need a command parameter. The result of the URL call is returned to the caller of the API. The configured mime-type is used for both the POST to the external URL and the content type of the API response.