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Axiell FotoWare image plugin

The Axiell WebAPI image server configuration

From WebAPI version, an Axiell.Fotoware.Plugin.dll plugin for the Axiell WebAPI is available to allow the retrieval (not the ingest) of images from a FotoWare DAMS. As all other plugins it allows you or your Axiell system (by means of retrieval paths for image fields) to communicate with the DAMS-specific API via the Axiell WebAPI. An appropriate configuration in adlibweb.xml is all you need to retrieve digital content via wwwopac.ashx queries. For FotoWare you need a configuration similar to the following:

<!-- Image server settings -->
<imageServerConfiguration name="fotoware">
    <ImagePlugin type="Axiell.Fotoware.Plugin.FotowarePlugin, Axiell.Fotoware.Plugin">

As you can see there are just 3 elements to configure:

  • BaseURL: the url to the Fotoware repository
  • FWAPIToken: the Fotoware API key for identification
  • MaxSize: optional size limit for getting renditions (or previews) from Fotoware. See below for a list of previews with their size values. When a MaxSize is configured and there‚Äôs no width and height used on the getcontent request, the preview retrieved will not be of a higher size than the configured MaxSize value.


  • 0 (size = 800, width = 800, height = 675)
  • 1 (size = 1200, width = 1200, height = 1013)
  • 2 (size = 1600, width = 1600, height = 1350)
  • 3 (size = 2400, width = 2400, height = 2025)
  • 4 (size = 200, width = 200, height = 169)