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Axiell Open Text image plugin

The Axiell WebAPI image server configuration

From wwwopac.ashx 3.7.15106.2 (.Net 4.5 required) an image plugin for the OpenText DAMS is available: OpenTextImagePlugin.dll. As all other plugins it allows you or your Axiell system (by means of retrieval paths for image fields) to communicate with the DAMS-specific API via the Axiell WebAPI. An appropriate configuration in adlibweb.xml is all you need to retrieve digital content via wwwopac.ashx queries. For OpenText you need a configuration similar to the following:

<imageServerConfiguration name="images">
   <cachePath>C:\Data\Model 4.2 SQL\imageCache</cachePath>
   <ImagePlugin type="Adlib.OpenText.Imaging.Plugin.OpenTextImagePlugin, OpenTextImagePlugin">

Each OpenText server will have its own BaseURL, UserName and Password (all mandatory parameters) so it depends on the customer utilizing an OpenText server how these parameters must be set. Rendition (optional) can be set to preview (which is the default setting) or thumbnail. This allows you to create different image server definitions for thumbnails and previews. A fictive example of a wwwopac.ashx request to an OpenText server:


Improvement of the configurability of renditions from version 3.0.21127.1

From version 3.0.21127.1, the adlibweb.xml configuration for this image plugin has an optional section in which to specify alternative renditions for specific content types. The list of Renditions can hold types Application, Video, Audio which relate to the type of content returned by OTMM. For PDFs the type is Application (from mimetype application/pdf). When no rendition exception is defined, the default rendition (as specified in the Rendition node directly underneath ImagePlugin) is still used as a fallback option. An example configuration looks like this:

  <imageServerConfiguration name="aispreviews">
    <imageOverlayFile>C:\Axiell\AIS IMAGEAPI\Image0032ShadowBG.png</imageOverlayFile>
    <ImagePlugin type="Adlib.OpenText.Imaging.Plugin.OpenTextImagePlugin, OpenTextImagePlugin">
        <Rendition Type="Application">thumbnail</Rendition>

So here the default rendition is preview and the exception for Application type content is thumbnail.