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What to do when certain records cannot be found

When a search in an (Internet Server) web application cannot find certain records, while you are sure they are present in the database, it's best to first find out if the problem is in the web application, in the wwwopac.ashx server or in the database. By entering the relevant wwwopac.ashx query directly in the address box of your browser, you can discover if the web application does something wrong or not. The diagnostics section in the XML returned by wwwopac can tell you more if the direct search with wwwopac.ashx doesn't find the relevant records either.
Zero hits might indicate that your query is not the proper one or that some error occurred. The wwwopac should handle most errors neatly, and report them in the diagnostics section of the returned XML. For instance, if one or more of the records retrieved would contain a link which cannot be resolved (meaning that the linked value cannot be retrieved for some reason), then this error is reported in the returned XML, but no other records will have been retrieved either. So if e.g. the fifth record of ten records to be retrieved contains a corrupt link, none of these ten records will be retrieved at this moment. The error report in the diagnostics section will point you to the (first) problematic link, so you can repair it in the database. (Any consecutive corrupt links will only be reported one at a time, so you won't find all of them at once using wwwopac.)
On the other hand, if only particular records do not show up in the search result, there may be something wrong with an index of one of the fields you are searching. If a typical search for these records (using the same search fields) in Axiell Collections does return the relevant records, you can assume the indexes on these fields are in good order. If not, these indexes might need reindexing. Reindexing can be done using Axiell Designer, but make sure your version of the WebAPI is newer than Axiell Designer, because you want Designer to build indexes in a format that the wwwopac.ashx can process. If problems remain or if you are faced with errors like unresolvable links, it is possible that some of your data has become corrupted. Axiell has special tools to investigate data corruption, for instance the Linkrefcheck and Indexcheck tools. Please contact our helpdesk for more information.