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Getting started

This site is intended to help you with developing user interfaces that make use of Adlib data using the REST web service. Using this service, you can access all data in Adlib databases (SQL Server 2005/2008 or Oracle 10g+ database formats) from any programming language that you prefer. Although Adlib Information Systems itself uses C# as the primary development language for web pages, there are no restrictions in using other environments, such as PHP or Flash to develop your apps. You will only need to send URLs to the web service and you will receive a response in XML.
The base url of the test server is You can use this service with Get and Post methods. The easiest way to send commands to the service is by simply adding the API parameters as arguments to the URL. See the API page for an introduction to the available API commands or use the API browser on the left to quickly find a specific command.
Running any of the examples in the API commands section will show you the XML returned by wwwopac.ashx. This XML always contains a record list and a diagnostics node. (See the search command documentation for a detailed description of the Adlib XML structure.)

The Adlib API is implemented using a .NET HTTP handler, named wwwopac.ashx. This replaces the older CGI executable wwwopac.exe. Although we have tried to keep the new version backwards compatible, there are differences between the new .NET implementation and the older C++ implementation. The most important being the obsolescence of some query parameters (FLDx=, OPRx= and BOOLx=). More information about these differences can be found here.

See the Documentation section for all references to in-depth documentation about the API.

The Downloads, Demos and Resources sections offer tools, reusable source code and further sources of information.