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  • search Search performs a search on a database using an Axiell Collections advanced search language statement.
  • listpointerfiles Listpointerfiles returns a list of metadata of saved searches (aka pointer files) from a database.
  • getpointerfile Getpointerfile returns metadata and a hit list of the requested saved search (aka pointer file), in Axiell AdlibXML format.
  • searchpointerfiles Searchpointerfiles returns a list of metadata from selected saved searches (aka pointer files).
  • scan Scan returns a list of index keys starting from a given value.
  • autocomplete Autocomplete returns a list of index keys that match the starting letters given in value.
  • getcontent Getcontent retrieves digital content (e.g. an image or movie, not in XML format) from a server.
  • getmetadata Getmetadata returns a list of fields and their properties (in Axiell AdlibXML format) from a database.
  • getdomains Getdomains retrieves all domains from the user authentication database used by the login command.
  • facets Facets returns a list of terms or names appearing in a specified field in a search result, each accompanied by the number of records in which that term or name appears in the relevant search result. Note that the information below still applies to the old Adlib API facets command: information about the new facets implementation in the Axiell WebAPI will be forthcoming.
  • getdeletedrecords Getdeletedrecords returns a list of deleted records from a certain date.
  • getmediainfo Getmediainfo retrieves metadata of digital media files, in XML format.
  • suggest Suggest returns a list of keys from one or more indexed fields listed in an adlibweb.xml <searchFields> specification, which contain the (partial) word you provided as the search key.
  • q q provides a simple search command. You just need to provide the value to search.