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Axiell Pictura image plugin

The Axiell WebAPI image server configuration

The PicturaImagePlugin.dll allows you or your Axiell system (by means of retrieval paths for image fields) to communicate with the Picturae DAMS-specific API via the Axiell WebAPI. An appropriate configuration in adlibweb.xml is all you need to retrieve or write digital content via wwwopac.ashx queries. For Picturae you need a configuration similar to the following:

  <imageServerConfiguration name="images">
   <cachePath>C:\Data\Model 4.2 SQL\imageCache</cachePath>
   <ImagePlugin type="Adlib.Pictura.Imaging.Plugin.PicturaImagePlugin, PicturaImagePlugin">

Each Pictura server will have its own settings so it depends on the customer utilizing this DAMS server how they must be set.