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Release notes for WebAPI 3.0.21078.1

Bug fixes

  • The highlight feature was no longer working in WebAPI requests, whether as a parameter in the query or as a setting in adlibweb.xml. This has been fixed and highlighting of multilingual fields now works as well.
  • Simple searches were no longer possible and caused a crash in AIS.
  • The WebAPI returned the search result in a random order, instead of on priref, if no sort parameter was provided.
  • The lenth of the comma-separated list of values that could be provided for the users parameter of the listpointerfiles command was too limited: only a few users could be listed without running into an error.
  • The startfrom parameter for the listpointerfiles command wasn't working.
  • The updatepointerfile command didn't work anymore.
  • A data source couldn't be read with search=all if a single record contained an invalid link.

The WebAPI no longer outputs empty elements

This version of the WebAPI no longer outputs empty elements in the resulting XML. This could cause issues if website XSLTs being applied to that XML do not check for node existence before evaluation. In the model AIS applications, this should not cause a problem, but customer-built XSLTs just might. In that case, an adjustment of the relevant XSLTs will be required.

The WebAPI can now update the 'preferred' attribute for media references

From Axiell Collections 1.10 there's a way to mark one of the media files linked to a record as the preferred one. A preferred image will be shown first in the Media Viewer, instead of the image in the first field occurrence: click here for more information about that. The preferred="true" attribute can now also be set with WebAPI version 3.0.21078.1 or higher, for media references. (AIS) Websites may use this attribute to pick the appropriate image to show, if the website is adjusted to look for this attribute of course. The attribute can be set for either or both the linked media reference as well as the link reference field for the linked media reference field: be sure to set it for the field which is returned in the relevant search result and assign the flag to only one of the media field occurrences in a record (because there can be only one preferred image per record). The preferred flag can be set (the attribute will be added) when writing or updating records using the preferred attribute on the media field like this, for example:
<reproduction.reference preferred="true">150.jpg</reproduction.reference>
The omission of the attribute means the relevant occurrence is not the preferred one. Setting the attribute for an occurrence to false explictly (if it was 'true' before), will delete the attribute. So
<reproduction.reference preferred="false">150.jpg</reproduction.reference> will delete the attribute.