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Release notes for WebAPI

Bug fixes

  • An indexed link with a metadata table was incorrectly resolved, resulting in display of no, or wrong, linked terms. Fixed in
  • When creating a record using the API insertrecord command, the password was not being encrypted. Fixed in
  • OAI made app pool crash. Fixed in
  • Calls made with openurl in an adapl to a proxy service didn't wait long enough for a record to be retrieved, causing a timeout..Fixed in
  • The Piction plugin would send too many HEAD request. Fixed in version
  • The XSLT document() function threw an error for OAI configurations. Fixed in
  • The Piction plugin wasn't returning video. An error message was displayed instead. Fixed in version

New functionality

Additional logging for proxy plugin to improve troubleshooting capability

For hard to debug issues like timeouts, additional logging will help determine if the issue is a connection, work process or some other issue so that appropriate action can be taken. Verbose logging was added in, consisting of:

  • Creating SQL connection for database ‘xxx’
  • Reading record '123' from database 'xxx'
  • Received response code '123' from 'www.some.url'
  • Received response 'some response string' from 'www.some.url'
  • Record '123' not found in database 'xxx'

This will be logged when a log folder is configured and debug is enabled in the adlibweb.xml configuration file.