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Release notes for WebAPI

Bug fixes

  • OAI.exe did not honour a role assignment in the adlibweb.xml. Fixed in version
  • OAI logging reported errors on request where no matching records were found. Fixed in
  • Object reference not set to instance error for RecordInsert and updateRecord command in combination with jsonv1. Fixed in
  • The AddToQuery setting was not used when searching on priref. Fixed version
  • With record access rights for the WebAPI application pool user to a record set to None, while the owner of the record was role $REST with default Full access rights, a direct query would not retrieve/display the record (as intended) but if the parent record woul be retrieved then the protected record was retrieved as its child (which shouldn't have happened). Fixed in
  • Output=json was failing with both updaterecord and insertrecord. Fixed in
  • Some JPG images couldn't be processed by the WebAPI and could trigger an internal server error and a stalled application. Fixed in version
  • The WebAPI returned a SQL exception on q-query on a database with indexed linked metadata fields. Fixed in

New functionality

POST of data to WebAPI without resolving links for synchronizing databases

From version the Boolean option <resolveLinks> (set it to true or false) can be added to the <databaseConfiguration> section only. (It can’t be set at <groupConfiguration> or <globalConfiguration> level.) Set it to false to suppress the resolving of links so that data is retrieved as is. This works for the insertrecord, writerecord and updaterecord commands. When set to true, or by omitting the option from the configuration, links will be resolved (as it is the default behavior).